Schnarchen verhindern: Tipps für eine ruhige Nacht

Prevent snoring: Tips for a quiet night

Prevent snoring: Tips for a quiet night

Snoring affects almost one in two of us and can be a real burden not only for those affected, but also for their partners. But what exactly happens when we snore and what can we do about it?

During sleep, our muscles relax, including those in the throat. Although our tongue and uvula remain somewhat tense, the throat muscles relax, narrowing the airways. The inhaled air has to pass through at a higher pressure, which causes the palate, uvula and tongue to vibrate and causes the snoring sound.

Tips against snoring:

  1. Regulate and reduce weight: Excess fat in the body can not only accumulate visibly, but also in the throat, which narrows the airways. An increased abdominal girth also pushes the diaphragm and lungs upwards, which means less air can flow.

  2. Light dinner: Avoid heavy, greasy meals in the evening. A full stomach can push the diaphragm upwards and make the airways narrower.

  3. Avoid nicotine: Smoking irritates the mucous membranes and causes them to swell, resulting in less air being inhaled. This can lead to increased snoring.

  4. Avoidsleeping pills: Sleeping pills relax the throat muscles and can cause snoring. Try to avoid sleeping pills unless they are medically necessary.

  5. Moderate alcohol consumption: Alcohol lowers muscle tension and can reduce tissue tension in the throat, which in turn leads to vibrations.

  6. Change sleeping position: Do not sleep on your back, as the tongue can slide backwards and promote snoring. A side sleeper pillow can help you sleep on your side.

  7. Healthy sleeping environment: Make sure your bedroom is cool, quiet and well ventilated to promote a good night's sleep.

  8. Hearing protection for your partner: Snoring noises can disturb your partner's sleep. The Sleep+ hearing protection earplugs from SCHALLWERK have been specially developed to suppress these noises while important wake-up signals remain audible.

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