SCHALLWERK® was founded in 2018 with the mission to provide a healthy yet high quality hearing experience and now sells 10 different hearing protection models in 5 countries.

We want to protect the health of the ears without sacrificing a unique listening experience. Whether in everyday life, at concerts, at work or for sleeping - you can always rely on hearing protection from SCHALLWERK®

SCHALLWERK® products have a long service life, as disposable products are a major burden on the environment. Our hearing protection can therefore be used again and again, making our hearing protection much more sustainable than comparable products.

For each of our SCHALLWERK® products sold, 10 plastic bottles are collected from the environment by the non-profit Plastic Bank before being washed into our oceans. You can read more about our partnership with Plastic Bank here here.

Strong Junger Mann mit Gehörschutz Ohrstöpsel für den Alltag
Our products are


Each of our earplugs and headphones is individually adapted to your needs. We have the right hearing protection for all situations.

Our products are

Stylish & simple

We are convinced that hearing protection can be stylish, modern and easy. That's why our products stand out for their modern design.

Our products are


With the high wearing comfort, snug fit and unchanged sound quality, stress-free and damage-free listening pleasure is guaranteed.

Our products are


With our specially developed transport box, our earplugs can be easily taken anywhere. Our capsule hearing protection can also be easily folded up and taken along. Hearing protection is that simple.

Schallwerk Aufbewahrungsdose aus Aluminium für Ohrstöpsel in Schwarz
Our products are

Tested & certified

We work to the highest quality standards and have all of our products independently tested on a regular basis - because nothing is more important to us than your health.


SCHALLWERK® Mini+: Our kids hearing protection for very small and sensitive heads.

SCHALLWERK® Kiddies: Our children's hearing protection for children up to 16 years old.

SCHALLWERK® Soft: Our customizable silicone earplugs to seal the ear.

SCHALLWERK® Work+: Our extra strong work hearing protection.

SCHALLWERK® Sleep+: Our hearing protection earplugs for a quiet and restful sleep.

SCHALLWERK® Music+: Our hearing protection earplugs for a safe and unforgettable music experience.

SCHALLWERK® Women: Our hearing protection earplugs especially for women.

SCHALLWERK® Invisible+: Our almost invisible hearing protection earplugs for everyday use.

SCHALLWERK® Strong+: Our extra strong hearing protection earplugs for everyday use.

You can find an overview of all our products here.


With every purchased product you get access to the SCHALLWERK® app. With the SCHALLWERK®app you are always one step ahead of noise and protect your ears preventively. No matter where you are - our app measures the dB exposure in your environment and compares it with and without hearing protection. This gives you a perfect overview and protects your health.

Schallwerk Women+ Gehörschutz Ohrstöpsel mit linker Transportdose


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