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Each of our earplugs and headphones is individually adapted to your needs. You want to sleep undisturbed? Enjoy a concert without a headache? Or protect the sensitive ears of your child? Our wide range includes the right hearing protection for all situations.

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Modern, Simple, High Quality

We are convinced that hearing protection can also be stylish. That's why our products are characterized by their modern design. In combination with a pleasant wearing comfort, a perfect fit and unchanged sound quality, stress-free and damage-free hearing enjoyment is guaranteed.

We work to the highest quality standards. Nothing is better than proven quality when it comes to your health!

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With the SCHALLWERK® hearing protection earplugs, we want to counteract damage to the ears and help you to reduce the noise load on your ears with gentle protection.

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As a young, up-and-coming company, sustainability is very close to our hearts. Therefore, our products are made to last. We are also a proud partner of Plastic Bank, which means that for every product purchased, 10 plastic bottles are collected from the environment.

You can read more about our cooperation with Plastic Bank and our joint mission for 2022 here: