Schallwerk Gehörschutz Dose in blau auf Plastikflaschen - Unser Nachhaltigkeitsgedanke!

Sustainability concept

Disposable products represent an enormous burden for the environment. That is why we try everything to give our SCHALLWERK®products a long service life.

Our SCHALLWERK®hearing protection is not a disposable product, but can be used again and again. This long service life makes our hearing protection much more sustainable than comparable products.



SCHALLWERK® is a proud partner of Plastic Bank. For each of our SCHALLWERK® products sold, Plastic Bank collects 10 plastic bottles from the environment before they are washed into our oceans.

In the meantime, we have collected 1 million + plastic bottles - and it's getting more every day!

Unsere Partnerschaft mit Plastikbank - Frau sammelt Plastikflaschen
Unsere Mission mit Plastikbank - Menschen sammeln Plastik am Strand
Schallwerk® X Plastic Bank

Our mission

Together with Plastic Bank, we are on a mission tocollect 1 million plastic bottlesbefore they reach the sea. By doing so, we can prevent 20,000 kilograms of plastic from entering the world's oceans.

Together with you, we are setting an example for a more sustainable future!

"We all agree: Someone needs to do something about ocean plastic. This is the something, you are the someone."

David Katz - Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank

plastic bank x SCHALLWERK®

We only have one planet. Yet our oceans are increasingly drowning in plastic waste. It is estimated that one truck full of plastic enters the world's oceans every minute - that's 4.8 to 12.7 tons per year. Another problem is that it can take thousands of years for a piece of plastic to completely decompose. This not only endangers entire marine ecosystems, but also calls into question our future on this planet.

We must do something about this!

For every product purchased, 10 plastic bottles are collected from the coastal region of Cairo before they even enter the sea. That's the equivalent of 0.2 kg of plastic per product purchased. And the best part? Lives of people living in poverty are improved in the process. Sound cool? It is.

Why Cairo?

Plastic waste is a global problem, as plastic pollution in one region can have an impact on the entire world. In Cairo, plastic pollution is a particularly big challenge because there is no effective recycling ecosystem. As a result, tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year, as well as in Egypt's "lifeline" - the Nile River.

How does it work?

Plastic Bank builds recycling ecosystems in coastal regions where there is insufficient infrastructure for waste disposal. This involves people from the region collecting plastic waste and bringing it to Plastic Bank collection points. The collected plastic is converted into "Social Plastic® ", actively promoting and improving the circular economy of plastic. To date, Plastic Bank has already saved over 52 million kilograms of plastic from ending up in the oceans.

Turning waste into opportunities

For the plastic collected, collectors receive a premium that helps them meet their basic needs - for example, by providing food or financing fuel, school visits or health insurance. So buying a Schallwerk® product not only helps the environment, but also improves the lives of people living in poverty - that's our promise.

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